Mother Care

After giving birth, basically our health both physical and psychological is undergoes a healing process and thus it becomes a must that we pay attention to it. It would be ideal if we could get our mother, mother-in-law, any relative or friend to stay with us for at least the first month. If you have a relative or a friend staying with you, the pressure on will reduce considerably as they will pitch. Like me, a week after baby arrives…my mother-in-law taken the responsibilities to take care both of us – baby & mother. And after that, it taken to my mother until a month.
Here are a few tips which is my experienced too hopefully would help others handle our days during those time:
* have your nutritious meals regularly.
* take breaks from taking cares of baby.
* this is time where our emotion will upheaval. Try to find somebody to support you.
* our night will be disturbed because of the baby. Try to sleep whenever ‘ur baby sleep to make sure that you will not tired because of sleepless.